Hi! I'm an animator, editor, and, storyboard artist based in LA. In 2016, I graduated from New York University Tisch School of Arts and received a BFA in Film and Televison, concentrating in animation production. Previously in 2011, I attended Webster University for two years, spending one semester abroad in Vienna, Austria.


I always had a fascination in animation since childhood. I have a Disney fanatic family, and grew up with all the classic Disney films, in addition to all the classic 90's cartoons. Since I am an introvert, I have always loved reading stories and watching films and tv. This led to my passion for storytelling and my journey into the animation industry. My work experience includes working for FOX VFX Lab, Hubbub Inc, Plymptoons, and Augenblick Studios, and notable animator Alex Topete.

When I am not doing art stuff I am taking care of my Frenchie child Mochi, and pet sit in my free time. I am obsessed with Frenchies!!!